Myanmar’s Anguish Exposed by Troubling Drone Aerial Imagery

Introduction Migration, violence and oppression are a few terms that aptly define the unfortunate Rohingya refugee crisis but technology has come to the fore to provide new avenues to come in terms with it, said a statement released by rights based groups and charities.More than 800,000 Rohingya refugees migrated to the neighboring Bangladesh from Myanmar […]

Drones Save Refugee Lives in Mediterranean

Introduction 10 casualties have been reported since 2014 with people endeavoring to cross the Mediterranean. The Drones for Refugees project has been initiated in this aftermath to ensure that this journey across the sea is as safe as possible.The areas with massive concentration of travelling refugees are captured by drones with their real time video […]

Drones Give a New Life to Refugee Search and Rescue Efforts

Introduction The user of drones is being highly advocated to spot refugees crossing the sea by rights based groups.Alou Sango was overwhelmed with fear after being caught helpless in the middle of the Mediterranean. He believes that his journey from Libya seemed to be ending in death as the gasoline in the boat had finished.Sango […]

Drone Technology and UN – Future Prospects

Introduction Drone technology seems to have struck the right chord with the United Nations as small unmanned aircraft systems have been used extensively for various purposes including humanitarian,development and peacekeeping missions.Despite not being a miraculous antidote to all that ills this planet Earth, Christopher Fabian, principal advisor on innovation at the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), […]